The 3rd Transnational Consortium Meeting

September 30, 2022

The 3rd Transnational Consortium Meeting was held on September 27th in Poznan, Poland.

The meeting included a study visit to a Poznan detention centre, where consortium members learned about the conditions of the facility as well as the experiences of the detention centre staff. The administration and staff at the detention centre provided reasonable assistance during the visit by answering the visitors’ questions and providing them with first-hand in-cell experience. The consortium partners had fruitful discussions with the staff.

Following the prison visit, the project partners met to discuss the project’s outcomes, some of the challenges encountered, and the status of pending deliverables and project activities.

The meeting agenda’s main topics were on each work package’s activities to date:

  • Management and Coordination (WP1)
  • Tool development and training (WP2)
  • Individual Radicalisation & Screening (IRS) adaptation ideological-focused component (WP3)
  • Mixed-method training approach (WP4)
  • Interinstitutional collaboration models and protocols towards effective disengagement and successful reintegration (WP5) 
  • Dissemination, communication and outreach (WP6)

The progress of activities carried out thus far was lauded. However, some of the challenges raised included recruiting trainees for the training modules and engaging and communicating amongst the partners about the activities being undertaken amongst themselves to the public showcasing the project outcomes via the website news and partners’ social channels.

The partners were encouraged to be more proactive and collaborative in the remaining months of the project.

This project is co-funded by the European Commission’s Internal Security Fund – Police (ISFP) (GA no. 101035878)