MIRAD Project Featured in Justice Trends Magazine

April 22, 2022

The MIRAD project has been featured in the JUSTICE TRENDS magazine’s 8th edition!

This edition gives a background of the concern of extremism and radicalisation, and the efforts such as curating mixed-method and cross-sectoral immersive training to ensure the safety of citizens as well as through initiatives such as the MIRAD project.

MIRAD intends to have a long-term impact not only on intellectual and policy debates, but also on the practical application of radicalisation risk assessment tools in prison and probation settings, with the help of CJS-affiliated NGOs. The project aims to improve the proficiency of prison and probation staff and NGOs working closely with prison and probation services in the application and management of specific and tailored radicalisation risk assessment tools based on the ideology in question.

This project is co-funded by the European Commission’s Internal Security Fund – Police (ISFP) (GA no. 101035878)