The 5th Transnational Consortium Meeting

June 16, 2023

On 6th June 2023, the Consortium of the MIRAD project met in Sofia, Bulgaria, for the 5th TCM. Current work and plans for the near future of the initiative were discussed.

The meeting in Sofia was the first opportunity since the TCM in Poznań, Poland, to debate face-to-face the progress of the project. And it was a very fruitful meeting.

While MIRAD is slowly moving towards the end of the project, more and more activities and deliverables are being finalised. Each of those needs to be reviewed and discussed within the Consortium, and the physical meeting is the best occasion to do so.

Some of the main topics were related to our online courses (‘Integrated Approach to Radicalisation for Prison, Probation and Community’ and ‘Train the Trainer’) and National Policy Roundtables. We also had a chance to talk about the coming International Round Table in Brussels, training in Lisbon, and the Final Conference in Brussels at the end of this year, about which we will inform you shortly.

The meeting was organised by the Center for the Study of Democracy (CSD) at its offices in Sofia, Bulgaria. CSD is a leader of Work Package 5, which aims to develop interinstitutional collaboration models and protocols towards effective disengagement and successful social reintegration.

The meeting was attended by participants from 8 countries, partly online.

This project is co-funded by the European Commission’s Internal Security Fund – Police (ISFP) (GA no. 101035878)